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自ら工夫 自ら進化(ニッパ進化ビジョン)


Nippa innovation history

2006年環境の変革~Pursuit of NIPPA WAY~

Plant layout change by ourselves

写真:話し合う社員たちEmployees took the lead in this Kaizen activity.

First, we had discussion about the
plan with our employees. Many had
little experience in Nippa.
We energetically discussed "how we
would like to change thie company."

  • 写真:雑然とコンテナが並べられた工場内Before
  • 写真:コンテナが整理され、見通しが良く明るくなった工場内After

Kaizen Activity in the Plant

  • 写真:社員自らが床の塗装をするPainting the floor of
    Iwata-2nd Plant
  • 写真:ローラーコンベアーを社員自らが製作Making roller conveyer

2007年・2008年体質の変革(意識の変革:マニュアル作成・改善提案)~Pursuit of pleasure and joy~

Each of us consider Nippa as "our company" and we continuosly make floor level improvements in each plant.

  • Designing and manufacturing our original AGV.
  • eveloping kaizen memos to share our ideas with co-workers.
  • 写真:コンテナを自動で運ぶAGVAGV
    (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
  • 写真:工場内の情報共有掲示版In-plant bulletin board

2009年プレス部品加工の常識を覆すニッパへ~Pursuing flexible ideas~

We are continually striving to develop new technologies and open up new possibilities to change the existing corporate cultures and customs.

  • Meeting customers' demands for shortening lead-time by providing our engineering technique throughout trial production~designing & making die~mass production
  • Building up know-how through internal press-die making
  • Creating a lively work environment through company-wide improvement activity by in-house specialized team
    • ●Achieving shortening of die setup time with "Tokoroten" die-setup system
    • ●Achieving the best material yield with the blank-feeding system
    • ●Developing "Viper's Fang "oil-application system ; enabling optimized application quantity of cutting oil
  • 写真:段取り時間短縮への挑戦Challenging for shortening
    die setup time
  • 写真:ブランク投入装置Blank-feeding system
  • 図:新事務本館完成イメージ図
    Administration building that was rebuilt in March 2009

2011年、2012年未知に全員総力でチャレンジPursuing "TEAM NIPPA"

The first year of the global project expansion - Stepping into the future as "TEAM NIPPA" for making our dreams come true

  • Challenging to develop new machining technology & stamping press method
    • ●MIMS(Multiform Inline Module System)
      ‥Enabling remarkable cost reduction by new stamping method ...Applied "Viper's Fang "idea  
    • ●IRL(Independent Robot Line)
      ‥Automatically performing press process, insert-molding process and inspection process at the same time
  • Launched overseas operation in Thailand ・・・ Aiming for Bridge Production (=concurrent production)
  • 写真:次世代プレスMIMSMIMS …The next-generation
    stamping press machine
  • 写真:タイでも稼動中のIRLIRL …Currently being
    operated in Nippa Thailand
  • 図:2011年7月に設立したニッパタイランド

    Nippa Thailand … Established in July 2011

2013年、2014年、2015年世界で戦えるニッパへ Pursuing the possibilities no one ever explored before.

There must be new demands in the world・・・・ We keep striving to become a company capable of meeting the new demands.

  • Started global supply from Nippa Thailand = Enhancing the competitiveness by manufacturing products with the same machine & processing method as Nippa Japan's
  • Nippa products ・・・have been ordered and used by overseas customers.
    • ●Direct delivery : 2 countries (as of 2013) Aiming for expanding sales in the Asian / European countries
  • 写真:タイでも全自働設備が稼働Fully-automated machines;
    currently being operated
    at Nippa Thailand
  • 写真:ブランク投入装置The latest production line
    with QR on product
  • 図:プレス部品と複合製品の進化(ロードマップ)


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