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夢 夢を語り実現させる



Engineer's dream

Every engineer at Nippa should have a dream and turn the dream into a reality through a joint effort of all the engineers.
Striving to make their dreams come true is the power of engineers and that will make their job fulfilling.

  • Accomplished "non-shearing technology" - Enabling conventional forging and cutting process to be done only by stamping press process
  • Challenging for scrap-less production - Targetting ultimate yield ratio by utilizing the materials
  • Designing and developing competitive radiator caps in the world market - Providing our customers with technical advices through our know-how
  • Developed visual inspection system - Eliminating conventional inspection replies on visual capability of the operators

Dreams that have just started to move

We should not just dream. When making it come true and inspiring others, the dream will be of great value.

写真:日本塑性加工学会 東海支部賞Awarded Technical Prize
( by Tokai branch of The Japan Society
for Technology of Plasticity)

1.Awarded Technical Prize (in 2008, by Tokai branch of The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity) for enabling both-ends forging of cylindrical parts.
Obtained a patent for this world's first engineering technology.

What's a cylindrical forging with differential thickness on both-sides.. ?

Forming of differential thickness on single-end had been already established by press processing, but we challenged further and accomplished production of differential thickness
on both-sides by press processing.


2.Developed a new-generation press line "MIMS (Multiform Inline Modules)" in 2011.
There used to be limitations on selecting a press machine for each product, in terms of the press capability, product size, number of process and etc.
MIMS is more versatile, the next-generation press machine, corresponding to multiple products.
3. Designing and Developing New Radiator Cap
Based on our almost 50 years of experience in radiator cap production, we internally designed and developed a whole new radiator cap.

Our Production Department's dream

Manufacturing the world's best-quality product and maintain the world's cleanest and safest plant.
We stick to our principles for moving towards our dream.

Cleaning-up activity in the plant

1,Stick to"5S"
(Shitsuke=discipline,Seiton=sorting&setting things in order, Seiketsu=keeping the work site clean, Seisou=cleaning)
  • Any equipment that one handles should be frequently cleaned by the person.
  • Business etiquette

Scenery of the safety education

2,Stick to "No Industrial Accident"
  • Implementing periodical safety education
  • Implementing safety education through simulated experience

Scene of the open-operation

3,Stick to "No Quality Defects"
  • Preparing"anyone can do"
    work instructions according to 3JYUN
    (Tanjun=simplifying, Kijun=Setting criteria,
  • All the prodution line operators join in making"Real Time Work Instruction"through continuous updates and improvement.
  • Periodical operation check by"open-operation".

Dream that has just started to move

A press machine which female can operate by herself ...That was one of our dream.
In July 2012, the dream came true. We had our first ever female operator in our company history.
Now she is working as a leader of MIMS, the cutting-edge press machine.

The first ever female press operator
in Nippa History

WhenI was appointed as a operator, I was so worried if I would be able to handle the machine. But now I'm fully committed to the press operation with kind support from my senior
colleagues. To be honest, it is challenging but satisfying too! I hope I'll be able to improve the production line and operation from a female's point of view.

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