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challenge to highly value-added pressing

cutting process

method conversion
~from cutting to pressing~

Previously, cutting was the only method
to manufacture some products.
But we innovated pressing technologies
and made it possible to convert from
cutting to pressing.
By adopting pressing, we could save
manufacturing time and the amount of
raw materials.It made it possible for us
to propose higher production efficiency
and further cost reduction to our customers.

pressing process

productivity improvement, significant
cost reduction, reduction of
environmental burdens (CO2 reduction)
adoption examples
housing, OCV yoke, Hamaden yoke,
riveted pipe.
housing : 25% cost reduction, 15% CO2


processing extremely thin materials
~development of urethane forming pressing~

We succeeded in pressing extremely thin
materials, which is 25 micrometer thick
( 25 thousandths of a millimeter).
In DENSO Group, Nippa is the only
company that has diaphragm processing technology.

adoption examples
diaphragm sensor (0.025~0.03 millimeter thick)
future challenge
challenge to other extremely thin products

further challenge with our core pressing technologies

  • 写真:差厚鍛造製品Differential thickness forged products

    Differential thickness forged products

    Previously, cutting process was necessary to
    manufacture cylindrical parts that has differential
    thickness.But we improved pressing technology and
    made it possible to manufacture only by pressing
    process. As a result, we saved manufacturing time
    and considerably improved productivity.
    Also, we achieved cost reduction.

  • 写真:複合製品Combined products

    Combined products
    (streamlined production line for
    SC terminal block)

    We developed a new production line in which pressing
    and assembling of more than one parts (different
    materials & figures)can be done at the same time.
    It enabled us to minimize equipment investment
    and to considerably improve our cost-competitiveness.