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Aug. 1936
Nihon Pakkin Seisakusyo Co., Ltd in Kamata, Tokyo was established producing and distributing aircraft parts.(production and distribution of packing parts for aircraft)
May. 1943
Moved to present location. Production and distribution of aircraft parts.
Jun. 1946
Started business with Toyota Motor Corporation Kariya-Minami Plant (currently DENSO Corportaion)
Jul. 1983
Plant rennovation of the warehouse and administration building
May. 1987
Purchase of Hamamatsu Plant. Began operation in August of the same year. (entry to plating field)
Nov. 1987
Purchased Iwata's 1st plant and began operation in April, 1988.(entered plastic molding field)
Mar. 1992
Received investment from Denso Corporation.
Apr. 1999
Awarded DENSO Quality Award.
Jul. 2000
Renovated Iwata's 1st plant.
Dec. 2001
Obtained ISO 14001 approval for the Head Plant and Iwata-1st Plant.
Dec. 2002
Obtained ISO 9001 approval for the Head Plant, Iwata-1st Plant and Hamamatsu Plant.
Oct. 2003
Achieved zero emissions (no landfill waste)
Dec. 2004
Renovated Hamamatsu Plant and changed its name to the Technical Center for designing and manufacturing dies.
Aug. 2006
70th anniversary of the foundation.
Oct. 2006
Changed the corporate name from Nihon Pakkin Seisakusyo Co., Ltd to Nippa Corporation.
Nov. 2006
Started production at Iwata-2nd plant.
Mar. 2008
Completed the new welfare hall (dinining hall with community shelter)
Apr. 2008
Awarded Tokai branch award of Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity.
Mar. 2009
Rebuilt the administration buiding.
May. 2009
Integrated the two Iwata plants into one plant.
Jul. 2011
Dec. 2012
Completed the construction of NIPPA(THAILAND) plant.
Jan. 2013
Commenced the production at NIPPA(THAILAND)Co.,LTD.